Welcome to 'Country Mugs By Post'


Hello I must introduce myself, I'm Michelle Swift a farmers wife living with my 

family, on a beef, sheep & arable farm in Staffordshire. 

It brings me such joy to combine my love

for the countryside, farming, mental well being and beautiful mugs. 

to welcome you to...


Country Mugs by Post

Simply, 'A hug in a mug from the country'.

We all lead busy lives and everyone has their up and downs. 

whether you are from the town or country, young or old. 

Farming can especially be very isolated life and there are happy times

but sometimes they are more difficult times and it can be very lonely. 

We don't always have someone there to help us through those times and

as a relative or friend, it can be very worrying for you .  

We often  just need someone to tell us we are worthy, wanted and doing a great job,

to pick us up and get our mind back on track. 

It's not always possible to see people to give them a big hug,  

as we have all encountered with Covid-19.

Other times we just can't think of the right words to say, because not everyone wants to talk.

So isn't it wonderful to be able to send them a mug gift that's themed to

something that they love, along with a brew of tea & coffee and sweet biscuit treat. 

Which you could say is a warm hug!

All delightfully packaged in a postal gift box !!!

All they have to do is unwrap the gift box, pop on the kettle, relax, enjoy the brew

and feel special knowing that someone is thinking of them. 

Send a hug in a mug from the country for those sad times or happy times...

just when you want to let someone know you care. 

Michelle xxx



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