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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

So What is your best life?

For me it is definitely what makes me smile, makes me happy, makes me laugh and most importantly, what makes me want to get out of bed everyday. There is nothing worse if you dread the day ahead and you are stuck in a job you dislike.

I think the older you get, what is important to you in life changes, as you get older. As I've grown older, I felt like I was finding happiness through the simplest of things in life. Definitely not through materialistic possessions.

Which is so easy in the world we live in today.

As many of us will just go and get some retail therapy, when we feel down. That will feel great for a short time, that's not lasting happiness and we end up with empty purses too.

Finding happiness through the simple things, for me, that was when I started living my best life.

It would be things like working with my husband, watching the children learn new skills on the farm, or having a Sunday lunch with the family or even decorating the farmhouse together. Those things make special memories and happiness that money can't buy.

So much happens in our life and we are in control of it, even though it may not feel that way at times. We have choices and we will make mistakes, but from those mistakes we learn, we get up dust off and start again.

So when something happens to us, its our choice how to handle it, I believe 10% is what actually happens to us and 90% is how we react to it. I must admit, when I was younger If something happened to me, emotionally I would take it to heart, dwell on it. Then it would then feel emotionally such a big issue, like a cloud had formed over me and I would just become unproductive, feel very low. My self confidence would take a big a knock In these situations.

Now this may sound a little harsh on myself...when things happen, they do effect you and can be hurtful, however its that 90% again, 'How do we react to it'?

So at those times in my life when I felt like a victim, I changed how I would react. I started to react differently, I said to myself I am good, I am successful and I can do anything. I started not react to a negative situation. Literally blank it out of mind, by doing something positive. like going out for coffee, do something that makes me smile, talk to a friend, surround myself with positive people and most importantly find something that makes me laugh.

There will always be hurdles in life, I look at them as just road blocks. We don't stop and turn around, we find another direction and keep heading to our destination. We certainly wouldn't do it on a car journey, so in life why do we do it. Often it's people who make us feel like we have hit a road block and it may be because they are struggling with something in their life and you are just an easy target...well they think you are.

So my best life consists of living in the country on a farm, farming, growing my own veg, having my own business, being a mum, farmers wife and having a husband who is your best friend too.

Gosh all that in my life!!! just write down what's in your life and you will be amazed, 'go on do it', you feel so lucky.

I always think about what I have in my life, rather than what I haven't in my life. Time as a family, working on the farm, can be full of laughter (most of the time, until working with cattle ha ha) and this often gets us through a tough day. We all talk and give time for each other. We cook (or rather I cook) and enjoy meals as a family. My love and happiness brought me to sharing this, in the form of my new business venture 'Hug in a mug from the country'. Country Mugs By Post.

When you're happy, you want to share happiness to all and it feels amazing.

I hope you enjoyed how I got to living my best life, my best life is the 'country life'.

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