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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

So it seems a good point to introduce myself, I'm Michelle Swift a farmer's Wife from Staffordshire the founder of Country Mugs By Post. 'Hug in a mug from the Country'. So behind this business there is a love for the country, farming, brew time and a whole lot kindness. Which makes a perfect recipe for a fantastic and happy business.

There are times you need to reach out and give someone a hug, it may be a friend going through a tough time, a Grandma that lives on her own or simply someone’s birthday.

It’s not just the sad times we reach out to hug, it’s the happy times too.

When you need to give a hug and can't

As we have found out in recent times, living in lock down with Covid-19, It's harder to reach out to people. To tell someone we care, when we can’t just go and give them a hug, when they need it most. Sometimes when someone is going through a difficult time we don't actually know what‘a the right thing to say or they don't want to talk. So its Nice to send them something just to say ’thinking of you‘.

Depression & Loneliness

It certainly makes you realise how many times we reach out to hug someone, when we can’t . Well it’s been such a difficult time for all at present. It’s a time where depression is high and loneliness is high too, so we all need to look out for each other in whatever way we can.

Gift to cheer someone up

So I was looking to buy a country theme gift and it had to be a gift sent by post. There are places out there, however nothing that matched the picture of the gift that was in my head, so frustrating. I needed a gift to cheer someone up, it was for a friend. I didn't want to send flowers as this is what everyone does and they don't last, I wanted to find something with more meaning and something that was really different and special.

A moment of inspiration whilst having a brew

So I was sitting down after a morning on the farm having a coffee and had a moment of inspiration. I ran to get a notepad and the joy and excitement I was feeling was amazing, I had worked out the perfect gift, that would mean so much for all those happy or sad times. However being in my forties I had to get pen to paper before I forgot the whole idea. I thought this is something I need to create and then from that day, I have not stopped being creative and it really works. The love I put into this gift really flows out to the recipient and makes the whole gift experience a truly wonderful one.

Brew In A Bag

So the ideas just kept flowing. The gift in my head would be elegantly wrapped and it would happily received , unexpectedly and bring joy to the recipient. So that's where the country theme mug came in 'warm hug' and then I thought well lets put a brew with it but it had be stylish, just how I would like it, so I created the 'brew in bag'. The time we sit down for a brew, it's that moment where we relax exhale all our fears, breath in confidence to unwind and this is something we all don't do enough of. So with the country theme mug, you would be giving that person an excuse to take five for a brew. This was just the moment that I pictured this amazing gift and I just had to get on and create it in reality.

Hug in a mug from the country

So after a few weeks of research, buying in samples, there sitting in front of me, staring back at me, was my first 'Hug in a mug from the country' Gift set.

It was just like I had imagined in my head and I tell you, it felt so amazing!!!

I felt like crying, as it was just perfect. I just couldn't wait to get up and running, but I had an awful lot to do to get to that stage but I always love a good challenge.

So I created my own website and online shop 'Country Mugs By Post' and my whole dream, was actually reality. It wasn't easy but I wanted to get there, so no road blocks got in my way. From that day, I have not looked back, everything is just how I want it and it truly is a gift sent with love. So when you find that right dream, it is not a dream, it's reality and that reality will be the most amazing gift ever, that you can share with all.

So here in this video I share with you the start of the 'hug in a mug from the country' journey, enjoy ! Country Mugs By Post.

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